Equal Pay For Work Of Equal Value

Achieving pay equity


Demanding An End To Gender-Based Discrimination At Work

Demand An Intersectional Approach

Creating the right sense of understanding for the future, to look into matters without an approach to gender-based discrimination.


Developing conditions to last longer and help individuals regardless of their gender.


A committee formed with the aim of achieving aspects for equal opportunities.

“No Place For Discrimination”

Need To know This

Economic Empowerment

Empowering members to lead the path towards a better financial well being.

Peace & security

Creating an environment that supports peace and security of everyone.

Humanitarian Action

Stepping forward to take action by keeping in mind the grounds of humanity.

Ending Violence Against Women

Putting an end to a mindset that promotes violence based on gender.

Income And Wealth

Struggle For Gender Equality

Civil Society

Forming a civil society that stands united against injustice.

Intergovernmental Support

Raking in support from the government to make ends meet.

Gender Parity

Destroying the thought about inequality by raising equality.

Equal Pay For Equal Work

The gender pay gap Action Plan.

The Real Materialization Of Women´S Rights

True Equality And Economic Justice Together

Moving forward with united spirits to achieve justice from all corners of the world.

Legalise Equal Pay

Gender-Neutral Job Evaluation


Ensuring that the system forms the right kind of balance to cope up with problems.

Annual Report

Extracting data to ensure that problems have been met with solutions at all times.

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Social Justice

The Importance Of Social Justice

A society tends to include people from various backgrounds, characters and they all seem to look forward to different things. This distinctive nature pushes forward for the importance of unity, and it talks about how survival depends upon the same. But for integration, we need to make sure that our practices and customs are inclusive, and we also do not come in the way of another individual. This is where the importance of social justice comes into the picture. Every individual in our society has the same right as we have and has the power to function accordingly. So, to shed more light on its importance, here are a couple more points.

The Right Way Forward

An inclusive society will always hope and pray for social justice. Regardless of the incident, the individual needs to get justice and the innocent should always prevail. By doing so, one can expect us to move forward in the right manner, and the future will be bright. This inclusive society will be welcoming, and the evolution of change will be critical. People tend to view things with an open mindset and progress will be achieved at every step.

Right Way Forward

Religion Based Discrimination

Various types and forms of discrimination is present, and it carries on to this very day. The frameworks of the law have given enough power to help people fight such evils, and they need to come out strong. A place that gives importance to social justice will have fewer cases of discrimination. Individual affected by these acts due to their religion will face justice, and the perpetrators of the crime will face the harshness of the law. Moving forward in this way will only lead to a place of happiness.


Healthcare is an aspect that needs to be given equally since we all have the same right over it. There are no afterthoughts or steps in this procedure since you and I have the right to gain the same. Societies that follow these rights will be looking forward to providing healthcare to individuals, regardless of their background or character. The inclusive attitude stands for unity, and everyone will receive justice when it is required. As we progress ahead, the obstacles along the road will be eliminated, and we can be sure that things happened with unity.


Gender Equality

Societies that question and bring down gender equality are the ones that have no clue about unity, social justice and progress. They tend to perish along the line forming holes that took shape according to their actions. But societies that follow gender equality will know all about its importance and why it is the need of the hour. An individual should have the right to do whatever he/she feels like, regardless of their gender.

Picture Of Start and Run A Successful House Painting Business

How to Start and Run A Successful House Painting Business In 2020

By 2022, the painting industry is expected to be valued at some 209.4 billion dollars globally.

Are you thinking Of starting a painting business? Hopefully, this will point you in the right direction towards success.

Painting as A Career: Is It Worth It?

For some, painting started as a summer job. Others picked it up from friends and family. The painting industry is one of the very few careers, where how you started doesn’t really matter.

In this career path, there are a few options that are open to you. You could work as an employee with a business owner. Your job would be simple, just applying paint to walls as you get directions from the business owner.

As a subcontractor in the painting industry, you would get jobs and assign people to do them while getting paid for supervision. The top-level is the level of the business owner where you make need a mix of skills.

As a business owner, you make budgets, schedules, contracts, and work on customer service. Of all three, contractors are the most sort after. However, business owners make the most profit.

How Much Do House Painters Make?

Depending on the environment, the prices may differ, but for house painters in Louisville, KY, the average annual salary starts at $37,960. This estimate is based on an 18.25 dollars per hour pay and a 40 hours per week schedule.

9 Steps to Starting Your painting Business

Picture Of Steps to Starting Your painting Business

To start a business successfully in painting, here are some steps that can guide you.

1. Have A Plan

Having a plan is arguably the most crucial step in starting any business. A good business plan would help you see the necessary specifics of your business.

Through the plan, you might also uncover some hidden truths about the business. In general, your painting business plan should discuss your business name, costs, target market.

Your business name is equally as important as the business plan itself. Your choice of name should be one that is unique, calls attention, and is easy to remember.

As the ideas for naming comes to you, you should immediately check if the domain name is still available. If it is, you should secure it as soon you can before someone else picks it up.

You’ll need up to 500 dollars for equipment. Your target market should be those who know what they want, and they can pay for it conveniently.

2. Define The Legal Framework

The next step for you would be to decide what legal business structure you want to run. There are many options to pick from. You could choose to be a cooperation, a limited liability company, or a ‘doing business as’ business.

For most people, the LLC is the best shot. A single person can form it, and it’s simple. You can consult the services of a registered agent to be sure that you comply with relevant laws and that your privacy is not compromised.

3. Brand Definition

It would be best if you defined the brand of your business with clarity. Your brand is the public perception of your business and what it is.

You will need to build a strong brand by employing the right marketing strategies. A good brand will help you stand out and make your customers come back for more.

4. Register For Taxes

You should register to pay for a range of taxes. Usually, you would be required to pay for both federal and state taxes before you can start a business.

You’ll be required to have an Employer’s Identification Number (EIN). You can obtain it for free and with ease from the IRS website, by mail or fax.

5. Obtain All Required Licenses

To prevent heavy sanctions or even a total shutdown of your business, you’ll need to obtain all the required licenses required for your business as mandated by the government.

For house painters in Louisville, KY, in addition to the permits and licenses, you should also meet labor safety requirements.

You must comply with all the regulations as they are for your safety. Also, you might want to get a service agreement upfront for your jobs.

It will help you meet the customer’s expectations beforehand. It will also help you reduce risks of legal disputes. You can consult a business lawyer to draft a simple agreement for you.

6. Open A Business Account

To protect your assets, you must separate your finances from that of your business. If your business gets sued, you stand a risk of losing everything you have (your car, house, etc.), if your business and personal accounts are the same.

It will also help you tidy your accounts efficiently as well as file for tax properly.

You should also get a personalized credit card for your business. By doing this, all of your business spendings would be in one place.

Your business would also have a well-built credit history. It would be useful for you whenever you want to borrow money

7. Insurance

Depending on the size of your business, you might not need coverage. However, you must get one.

For large size businesses where you would need to employ people, you will be required by law in some states to have one.

8. Accounting

As you spend money and earn money in the business, you must prepare the accounts alongside. By doing it from the onset, you will have clear insights into the financial performance of your business.

9. Build An Online Presence

You need to leverage social media to get more people to know about your business. Your website should also be well designed so that it is inviting.


Now that you know everything that it takes to become successful in terms of starting your own painting business, it is time to take a step. Start where you are, and you can make a fortune from the company.